about us

  • History :

Pajhwak Pajouh Sanat Company was started in the year 6 by a group of university graduates who had executive experience with the aim of producing high-tech products whose exterior specs are very expensive and have no acceptable internal design. Hundreds of examples of laboratory equipment used in engineering began to emerge, thanks to God and the tireless efforts we have made to succeed in helping improve the quality of higher education.

This year, due to the existing know-how and the domestic market gap in the field of rehabilitation equipment, as in the developed countries, the Department of Rehabilitation Equipment was the key company whose first output was the lightweight aluminum folding wheelchair brand Monochir. Thanks to God, due to the high price with similar external specimens and their competitive quality, they were welcomed. Other products in the field of rehabilitation include aluminum folding wheelchairs as well as aluminum bath wheelchairs. All equipment using Aluminum Al Azhy have been produced with high strength and lightweight.

  • About Monochir:

Monochir is a name that has officially entered the world of medical equipment since late 2016.

The purpose of the Monochir brand is to use the latest technology in the production of rehabilitation products to European and American standards to provide a consistent quality to our compatriots.

  • Speech Management :

Given the urgent need for elderly compatriots, the disabled and veterans to rehabilitate and mismatch imported products with the ergonomics of their countrymen, the urban and rural passages of the country, and the high cost of imported equipment, we felt it was our duty to take a small step towards the well-being of these compatriots. . So we did all we could to localize and provide the latest and most applicable rehabilitation equipment with the latest state-of-the-art technology, and with God’s help, we achieved many goals.

Observing professional ethics and paying attention to human values is one of the hallmarks of Pajhwok Engineering Group. Along with our technical and technical capabilities, we have tried to localize the world’s best products in our research and development program. To give.